About Us

Our Mission

Seeing that too often ADHD is misinterpreted and misrepresented by myths.We decided to create a new platform where people like us and newer to come will have a place where we can share our experiences, stories and knowledges related with ADHD. The purpose of this project we have started recently is nothing more than educational.If you google you will find a lot of articles around ADHD some are very accurate and some are so far from the truth.Most of them are written from people whoose heard about ADHD and researched a little bit and boom they come with an article. That’s not the essence of this project, we want to gather people like me and you and encourage to share their knowledges because only us we can tell how it really is. You can already see some of articles written by real people with ADHD, some other are on the way to be published. But the number is still small and we need to rise it, but thats going to happen for sure if we continue like this, is just the beginning.