How can i help my child with ADHD

How can i help my child with ADHD

How can i help my child with ADHD is one of the often question i hear from Parents which have children with ADHD. But that’s understandable beacuse i know that Raising a child with ADHD can be very difficult depending on symptoms. So you have to adopt yourself and change your routine to make it more appropriate to face with problems that will occur through your parenting life. But do not worry as we’re going to cover some tips for you to make your parenting life easier and better for you children too.

Praise your child for positive behavior.

You can put your kid under control with the technique of rewarding for good behaviors and the opposite when your kid is following bad behaviors you remove the rewards.This simple technique is just for the purpose to make your children understand that actions have consequences. Especially for bad actions.
As children with ADHD are more impulsive and they can act for something without thinking twice it is important to decide which behaviors are acceptable and which are not.
As some people also misunderstand the difference between discipline and Punishment, this technique is about discipline. Never punish the children because it is the wrongest action you can do. You always have to find a point where your children will listen and understand the importance of his actions. This is called discipline and it’s main purpose of this. So it is important to know the difference.

Undersand your children’s desires.

This is most important thing to make your children happy. And when your children are happy the chance that your children will have bad behaviors or will not understand will drastically lower.
This is also related with the component in our body called “Dopamine”. Children with ADHD are in the absence of this component. Dopamine is a chemical released by neurons (nerve cells) to send signals to other nerve cells. Dopamine affects your emotions, movements and your sensations of pleasure and pain.

When you understand you children’s desires you also understand when it’s important to listen them and when to say no or yes for the things they want. I have seen many cases where Parents are so quick to say “No” for everything and this has its consequences. I’m not saying to say “yes” to your children every time, i’m just saying that smart parents knows when to say “no”. And if you do not know you should learn it quickly. Because a child who hears “No” to many times is apt to rebel. Be careful with you ADHD kids this is what they need the most.

Simplify their Life by Organizing.

Their mind is already a chaos and maybe you’re contributing in that chaos even more.
It’s important for you as a parent to simplify their things in life. Starting from a quiet environment for your children, creating a schedule for important things like homework, playing and eating. By keeping things around your children organized for example clothes, books and other things that your children mostly interact with, you reduce unnecessary distractions. It’s important also to know what food to prepare to your children and which one to avoid.You can find more about food diet for someone with ADHD by clicking in this link Natural ways to treat ADHD without medication.

Encouarge to do sports or exercise.

Exercising or doing sports is already beneficial for everyone but especially for children with ADHD. Because it helps in burning exessive energy, maintain health, increase focus and decrease impulsivity.I would recommend to register your children in Tennis for example, its the perfect sport for children with ADHD. Since focusing is one of the main problems tennis will help on that.

Believe in your Child and not how School Employees describe them.

And for the end this is my wisest word I can forward to you Parents. Children with ADHD are different and unique. Join and help them on their Journey because great things will come from them.

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