Natural ways to treat ADHD without medication

Natural ways to treat ADHD without medication

Natural ways to treat ADHD without medication

Hello People i think that we all would like to listen about natural ways to treat ADHD without medication. So this is the first article from ADHD Series i’m starting just for the purpose of sharing my knowledges. So basically most of us with ADHD already knows the feeling and relief you get after you use medications such Ritalin, Adderall for treatment. But very few are interested to treat ADHD naturally since it’s more time consuming and wants more organization and focus which is one the weakest points an ADHD have. But this doesn’t necessary mean that you can’t do it or you can’t treat ADHD naturally. Actually treating ADHD naturally or without medication is the safest and best method known. Especially for children this method is more preferable since medications can have side effects and can limit their growth and brain development.

Okay let’s jump straight to the point now, what do we mean by “Natural ways to treat ADHD without medication”.

Food – rule number 1.

One of the first things we should consider is Food. Also acording to Dr.Axe and through some researching we have found some of the top food we need to consume to have a better life.

healthy food for adhd

First of all it’s important for a person with ADHD to not skip breakfast. Because breakfast helps the body to regulate sugar level in blood. You also should eat a breakfast which contains atleast 20 grams of protein.

Eat as much you can Additive-free, Unprocessed Foods because of toxic nature of food additives.
You should never forget to eat Foods High in B-Vitamins because B-Vitamins help maintain a healthy nerv system.

Eat also Wild salmon. Adults, including children, should consume wild salmon at least twice per week.

ADHD Foods to Avoid

Sugar – is known as trigger of symptoms especially for children, it’s good for you if you avoid any form of sugar.

It’s also good for you to avoid:Gluten,Caffeine,Conventional Dairy,Nitrites and Artificial Sweeteners.

Exercise – rule number two.

We already know that exercising is important for anyone with or without ADHD but for someone who wants to treat ADHD in natural way then exercise is also considered as one of Natural ways to treat ADHD without medication..

Exercising benefits for ADHD

Exercising help you to develop a better focus and maintain your mental health properly. Even a walk through a park, lake or somewhere in nature can help someone with ADHD. Since our brain is always busy switching from one task to another it also needs some more time to be alone than the others. For an ADHD a time spent alone is a well time spent because our brain need that time to rest.

According to this WEBMD’s Article . It’s also important for children to practice any kind of sport like running or playing because a recent study revealed that only after 30 minutes of exercise, kids with ADHD could focus and organize their things better.

Sleep Well – rule number three.

Since having a good sleep is very important to stay focused and organized through the day.
But having ADHD, sleep becomes major problem because is very hard to fall asleep.

Sleeping Well for ADHD
Not occasionally we put Food and Excercise as rule number one and two in this article because respecting the rules above you can contribute on having a better sleep. So basically with a proper diet,exercie and relaxation technique you can get the rest you need.You also should start practice some good sleep habits from now.

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