I Wish I had Known Sooner

**Fair warning this my first blog post. I just wanted to write a bit of my story and I plan to write more. Hopefully its easy to follow and understand!**…

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adhd and work problems

ADHD and Work problems

This is my first post here, so any and all criticism or recommendations are welcome. From a quite child to diagnosed adult I was always a very independent child, I…

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ADHD Creativity

My ADHD has not improved, but I have utilised my creativity

I am like you too Just like other ADHD peers, I have struggled from ADHD since I was a child but I have utilised my ADHD creativity. I haven’t noticed…

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Successful people with ADHD

From undiagnosed child to successful adult

Successful people with ADHD Being on the circle of Successful people with ADHD is not a simple mission. It all started… When I was a child, many teachers recommended I…

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